Personal projects


Reverse engineering effort of a Sanco 8003 French computer by RetrOfficina GLG Programs.

Mainly I did:
A mainstream flat LCD VGA display, attached to the Sanco 8003 motherboard with the adapter


A clone of Snake for Commodore64.

I always wanted to code something for a computer of my retrocomputers collection — actually, this is the main reason I collect them, to hack and write programs.
Intro titles screenshot Gameplay screenshot


Atmel-AVR based electronic text/image superimposition device, for analog PAL video. Don't tell anyone, but, since it is B/W, should work for SECAM and NTSC too.

Video frame capture of some shaped drawn above an organic background

Multiprocessor support for multiprogrammed kernel

Porting of a multiprogrammed kernel to the x86_64 SMP multiprocessor architecture. Written code for AP bootstrap, lock for critical code and TLB consistency management.

Kernel functions dependencies


Simple and Trivial Kernel for Advanced Reduced Instruction Set Computer Machines

Currently it is an amateur and incomplete study performed on the bare bone ARMv7 of an Olinuxino A20 I had laying around. It shamefully sets the CPU up, configures stacks pointers, the GIC, a timer, handles some interrupt and debugs on the serial port.


NES supermarket

Networked embedded system of "smart" supermarket carts: registers items, checks out, and handles the carts to customers based on battery status. Exploits contiki-ng on Launchpad CC2650 platform.



Minimal (and partial) CoAP UDP/IPv6 stack for Arduino.


GOLEM IPv6 Tunnel

A virtual private network for Empoli's Linux User Group to give Internet access via IPv6 to the headquarter and the users.

An overview of the network

CYBRG secure file transfer

Design and implementation of a file transfer protocol, secured against eavesdropping, oracle and replay attacks; uses a PKI and exploits libopenssl.



A home hosted server with Proxmox, for: